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personal property auctions

Bennett Auction Service offers both online and live auction services at your site or ours.  We'd be glad to discuss options for your situation.

If you have a collection, accumulation or partial estate to sell, you may be best served by including it in one of our Open Auctions.  We hold several per year at our facility.

Real Estate Auctions

Since we are licensed as both an Auction Company and a Real Estate Brokerage, we are able to sell your real estate before, at or after auction.  Our current rate of sell-through is around 83%.


The auction method suits some situations and properties well.  Call to see if it's a good fit for you.

Benefit and Charity auctions

When hardship comes, our fine community rallies to help.  We are glad to assist with charity and benefit fundraisers.  If you know of a need, please call.

transitional assistance

Everyone faces transitional situations in life, along with the accompanying uncertainties and challenges.  We have assisted seniors and others in relocations, downsizing, foreclosures, and estate settlements.  When it's time, we're here to help.


Contact Us

Our many hats require different addresses be used for different situations as outlined below.  Please email FFLs and real estate contracts whenever possible.  Alternately, they may be postal mailed to the appropriate address below; we do not own a fax machine.


Auction Facility

Our auction facility is open to the public on pre-scheduled days for the drop-off and pick-up of auction items and for commercial shipments. We do not receive postal mail at this address.


Bennett Auction Service

1403 Railroad Avenue

Prentice, WI  54556

Remote Office

The service-area segment of our business is managed from our remote office, which is not open to the public.  Please use this address for FFLs, contracts and other general postal mailings.


Bennett Auction Service

1647 Town Street

Prentice, WI  54556

sold items

Wondering what we sell?

The short answer is most everything excluding live stock. 

Below are some examples from the last year.

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